A school becomes another home for your baby. It is where they meet and make new friends. It becomes a learning institution. They will realize their talent in sports, music, art and so forth in school. The right choice of school, therefore, matters a lot. If the school your child attends does not positively transform them, change is needed. It is your duty as a parent to make sure that your child is comfortable in their school. If not, necessary measures should be taken immediately. This article will give you factors to consider before admitting your child to school.

Factors to consider

Student-teacher ratio

If a class is too big, the teacher will not be able to reach all the students. Visit the school and ask about student teacher will be worse if your baby is a slow learner. Teachers with big classes have a tendency of moving with fast learners. If your kid is always left behind, their self-esteem might be affected. To note, schools with a small number of students might be more expensive, so be prepared to pay more if that is what is best for your baby.


This is a behavior in many schools. Older students find somehow to bully the new ones. Cases of children suffering adverse mental illness due to school bullying have been witnessed not once not twice. It gets worse because the child will not tell you what happened because they do not want to be called more names. If you all of a sudden notice your kid isolating themselves, please want to know what could be wrong. A sudden drop in performance is another way of showing a bullied baby. Before admitting your child to a school research well and, make sure that cases of bullying have not been experienced there recently. If your kid complains of such, make arrangements for transferring them.

Sometimes a child will start hating school from nowhere and demanding for a transfer. As a parent, take time to listen to them. Sometimes, children might be going through bad experience back in school, but because you are not very close, they fear to tell you the truth. Get a way of finding the real cause and if possible get them a good school before it is too late.