Top Reasons Why You Have Not Secured a Job Yet

Today, unemployment rates have skyrocketed. Most people don’t understand why they have not landed a job yet. While senior employees enjoy the advantages of permanent contracts, the young are mostly hired on a temporary basis. However, here is a great resource page to read and get some tips on how to get a job. If you want to know why you have not yet secured a job, then follow this article and learn more:

Lack of qualifications

no jobLet’s face it. In as much a considerable fraction of the youth are educated, a good number of them don’t have skills and are likely to be unemployed. Many jobs don’t require you to have any qualifications like supermarket checkout, bar work, and waiters but they aren’t enough to solve the issue of unemployment.

Frictional unemployment

Most graduates tend to take their time after finishing campus to find the right job. And that is not all. Cultural and social factors also have to be put into consideration. Unemployment is prevalent in areas where there is lots of pessimism over job prospects. It’s worth noting that unemployment is commonplace among those coming from broken families, have criminal records or abuse drugs.

Get rich quickly mentality

The fact that many people are hunting for jobs doesn’t mean that they are interested in working. Some just have a mentality of getting rich quickly and not working hard. That is the critical reason why some people get into gambling and end up wasting their wealth instead of getting rich quickly. If you do an investigation, you will discover that the most visited websites are gambling sites. It’s true that people are visiting gambling sites more than even social media platforms. The fundamental reason is that they don’t want to search for a job but want to get rich quickly. They cannot work for six to eight hours. They just want money.

Few white collar jobs

Too many people are searching for white color jobs, and nobody wants to engage in work outside the office. The ugly truth is that white color jobs are becoming fewer and fewer. So searching for them is like looking for jobs that are not available. Don’t be afraid to venture into agriculture or business as you will make more cash instead of staying idle at home and lamenting about how there are no jobs available. Those who have dared to venture into these fields end up making huge profits and money unlike those that are employed.

Worsening economic situation

job seekingIt’s true that the economic situation is worsening in most countries around the globe. Unemployment is exacerbating the financial issues, and you cant imagine how some populations live in absolute poverty. Forget the lies that politicians are trying to peddle. The naked truth is that the world economy is not in good shape. Investors shy away from investing in companies that have a weak economy, and the result will be no employment. The unemployment problem will continue to worsen as long as investors stay away from companies with a weak economy.

Unemployment is a huge problem, and it will continue to be so, as long as the practical steps are not taken to address it.

Reasons Why Education Is Important For Musicians

A heated debate exists on whether aspiring musicians should pursue formal education or remain self-taught. The two options present their own pros and cons. Therefore do not be dismissive of either, examine both and arrive at your own conclusion. Self-taught musicians argue that their adventurous approach brings out their creative genius. Furthermore, pursuing education constricts them to creative rigidity. This arises from college study environment.

On the other hand music education introduces theory exposing the students to the cultural and general implications of the art. This knowledge is important to the individual artist and the broader industry they lie in. If you look at the judas priest epitaph dvd, you will see how education has helped musician create top notch content for the fans. Outlined below are some five importance of education for musicians.

Reasons why education is important for musicians

Learn how to communicate better

gfhgfhgfgfhgfhgfhCommunication is integral in any education field – whether for children or aspiring musicians. The idea behind pursuing formal music education is to know how to interpret the musical language. This means reading notes, deciphering rhythmic patterns and composing melodic phrases. You can then communicate with professional musicians across the globe and share ideas. It’s way easier to collaborate with your colleagues in the industry when you are all on the same page.

Teaches the value of quality music

The success of a music career relies on the artist composing quality music. Self-taught artists do not have an understanding of music theory. This means they are unable to display dynamic flexibility when employing theory in quality composition. Poor quality means fewer seats sold hence low earnings.

Understand the impact of your music

The whole aim of producing music is to deliver it to an audience. How an audience responds to your music depends on the impact it had on them. As an educated musician, you are in a better position to understand the impact of music on your audience. Music is a powerful form of expression. It influences behaviors in listeners. To have a better understanding of the effect of music on an audience, masters in behavior analysis is important. Music brings out various emotions which can be calm, happy, tense or stressful. An artist who understands the power of music can create powerful music.

Earn from it

Artists starting out have to find other income sources to support themselves apart from their music. This means that having an education is very important as you have other skills that you can put to use and earn from them. You can offer tutor lessons part time or work in a music studio.

Making informed decisions

gfhghgfhgfhgfhfghgfhModern music lessons will also cover the basics of contractual agreements and how to negotiate for one. There are many young artists who are very talented but end up poor and frustrated due to their ignorance. When educated you can negotiate a better deal in all your engagements with the industry majors or tour companies.

Remember, your ability to convert your music value into profit is what makes you a successful musician.